The Founder

                   Hakeem N. Salik

         Fmr Advisor on Tibb
          Ministry of Health  
           Govt. of Pakistan
              In office


Full Name        Hakeem Nawaz Ahmed Khan Salik
Father               Hakeem Niaz Ahmed Khan
Born                   9 th March 1946 Lucknow, India

Died                   18 th August 2010 (aged 64)
Rawalpindi,     Pakistan

Resting place   Masjid Hakeem N. Salik, Lehtrar road, Islamabad

Basit Salik
Ahsan Salik
Mohsin Salik


BIMS (India), MSc (USA), P.hD (USA)
Adeeb (Aligarh University)


Hikmat, Philanthropist, Scholar, Poet
Profession Herbal Physician (Hakeem), Medical researcher
National Awards Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Awarded by the President of Pakistan (2001),

Award of Excellence Natural Health Project

Hakeem Salik comes from a well reputed family of legendry Hakeems and men of
letters of the un-divided India. Born in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India), he was trained
and groomed by his father and grandfather in the art of providing cure to ailing
humanity. After migrating to Pakistan, he made a name for himself through his
remarkable contributions to the cause of humanity by rendering unprecedented public
services in Pakistan. His father Hakeem Niaz Ahmed Khan, grandfather, Hakeem
Ahmed Yar Khan and great grandfather, Hakeem Mohammad Yar Khan were the most
distinguished and prominent Hakeems of their times in the sub-continent. His ancestors
who have been dedicatedly practicing Unani medicine for centuries have the rare
distinction of serving the Mughal Emperors.
Hakeem Salik was sent to famous Saint Maria Goratte Convent School of Bareilly for
his early education from and he remained there till the completion of his graduation.
Later he passed out as Adeeb from Aligarh Muslim University. He holds distinction
in Degree of Bachelor of Indian medicine and Surgery from prominent institution
Takmil-ut-Tib College Lucknow (India). Later, he was awarded Degree in Bachelor of
Science in Natural Health followed by the Master’s Degree in the same discipline
from the United States. His was later awarded the Doctorate in Oriental Medicines,
also in the United States. In recognition of his services, he was made a Member of
American Botanical Council of the USA and also a Member of the Advisory
Committee of the Board of Studies of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
Apart from curing complex ailments, Hakeem Salik had a fine taste for literature and
was an accomplished poet in Urdu language. His literary pursuits also included his vast
study of literature in other oriental languages. He has fluency in English, Urdu, Arabic,
Persian and Hindi Languages.
In addition to Unani medicine, Hakeem Salik had a good understanding of
Homeopathic and Allopathic systems of medicine. He selflessly served his patients for
over 40 years. He made extensive and highly significant contributions in the field of
Unani Medicine and single-handedly accepted the challenge to fight against the most
deadly diseases like Cancer and other complex ailments especially those related to liver
His contributions to the cause of service to humanity were adequately recognized by the
Government of Pakistan through award of much revered civil award of Tamgha-i-
Imtiaz. In addition to this, Government of Pakistan also appointed him as Advisor on
Tibb to the Ministry of Health. But the greater recognition of his dedicated services was
reflected in the growing confidence of ever-growing number of his patients in the
miraculous touch of his healing hand.
Hakeem Salik also remained a Royal Tabeeb for Saudi Royalty and particularly Shah
Bandar bin Abdul Aziz for a few years before setting up his clinic in Rawalpindi to serve
the ailing public.

During his life time, his clinic received innumerable patients not only from the country but also from abroad. Number of his patients suffering from Hepatitis alone ran into thousands. Hakeem Salik has special interest and knowledge in liver related diseases and by virtue of years of dedicated research, his prescriptions worked miraculously on chronic patients. He specialized in prescribing appropriate diet in curing such cases.
Since it was not possible for him to personally examine the growing number of patients
all over the world, he launched "Hepaex Syrup", with reported and verified success
rate of 82%. It is a patent medicine for use in Hepatitis A, B, C, D and other liver
disorders. Now millions of those living in remote areas can greatly benefit from this

He passed away on 18th August 2010, (7th of Ramadan) but his services will live on.
His clinic is being run by those he trained in his life time and widely researched
remedies are being prepared under the supervision of Begum Salik and their three
sons, who are all in the field in medicine. Total quality was the passion for the late
Hakeem during his life and it remains the driving force of his clinic and competitive
advantage of the remedies being dispensed by his clinic.

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