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    Hakeem N Salik

    “The late Hakeem N. Salik was undoubtedly an eminent and distinguished Hakeem who had complete mastery over his field. He always took exceptional pains to ensure that the herbal medicines produced under his supervision by MAB were of the highest quality and efficacy.”
    Tariq Farook
    Former Federal Secretary
    Ministry of Health
    Government of Pakistan

    Hakeem s

    Hakim N. Salik

    He was known as Hakim, but in fact he was not an individual; he was par excellence institute of herbal medicine. A all time devotee in pursuit of knowing the mechanics of disease and health. A staunch believer that the sciences set by the Creator are on the principle of causality enabling man to acquire limitlessly the knowledge he wishes to acquire but was convinced that the affect takes existence only with the prior approval of the Sustainer Lord of the heavens. He had full conviction that the job of Hakim or doctor is not saving life since life and death are the exclusive domain of Allah the Exalted. He believed his job is to restore homeostasis of a suffering person to put him back in dynamic balance and enjoyable life. During the last two decades of his life he was in pursuit of converting his research in liquid form. The word in Arabic to describe what is permissible for eating is Halal which signifies to liquefy. This is what converts the intake to life. He did it and in his MAB Herbal he produced wonderful Hepaex to put the liver in perfect condition of all sorts of defects developed. Tamreen is superbly effective to set the gastrointestinal system in order.
    Mr. Mazhar A. Nurani

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    Emerson Anderson
    Senior Sales Manager
    +1 (987) 1625346
    Emerson Anderson
    Senior Sales Manager
    +1 (987) 1625346
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