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Hakeem Salik comes from a well-reputed family of legendry Hakeems and men of letters of the un-divided India.


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Turn on a new leaf with Barq!

Barq is a unique medicine that has been used on wide
variety of patients for the last two hundred years. It is
time proven and an amazingly effective medicine that
enhances CNS (Central Nervous System) activity for
sexual drive and promotes genital glandular secretions
thus developing the nourishing medium for spermatic
productivity. Barq also corrects the functions of kidneys,
gastrointestinal tract and heart..

Nervous strengthening
Mental Health

Sexual Health

Cardiac Health

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“The late Hakeem N. Salik was undoubtedly an eminent and distinguished Hakeem who had complete mastery over his field. He always took exceptional pains to ensure that the herbal medicines produced under his supervision by MAB were of the highest quality and efficacy.

” He was known as Hakim, but in fact he was not an individual; he was par excellence institute of herbal medicine. A all time devotee in pursuit of knowing the mechanics of disease and health. A staunch believer that the sciences set by the Creator are on the principle of causality enabling man to acquire limitlessly


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